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Catherine Wolfram

Cora Jane Flood Professor of Business Administration
Faculty Director, Energy Institute at Haas
Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group
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Academic Status: On duty
Office Hours: By appointment, 510-642-2588
Personal Homepage: http://www.catherine-wolfram.com/
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PhD, Economics, MIT
AB, Economics, Harvard University

Positions Held

At Haas since 2000
2016 – present, Research Director, Energy for Economic Growth Research Program
2013 – present, Cora Jane Flood Professor of Business Administration, Haas School of Business
2013 – present, Faculty Director, The E2e Project
2009 – present, Faculty Director, Energy Institute at Haas
2006 – present, Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
2005 – 2013, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Haas School of Business
1997 – 2006, Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
2000 – 2005, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Haas School of Business
1996 – 2000, Assistant Professor of Economics, Harvard University

External Service and Assignments

  • Faculty Scientist, Energy Technologies Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Board of Editors, The Energy Journal

Current Research and Interests

  • Energy markets
  • Environmental regulation

Selected Papers and Publications

  1. “The Demand for Energy-Using Assets among the World’s Rising Middle Classes,” with Paul Gertler, Orie Shelef and Alan Fuchs. Forthcoming, American Economic Review. Online appendix. Data files.
  2. “Barriers to Electrification for “Under-Grid” Households in Rural Kenya,” with Kenneth Lee, Eric Brewer, Carson Christiano, Francis Meyo, Edward Miguel, Matt Podolsky, and Javier Rosa. Development Engineering, 2016, Vol. 1 (June):26-35.
  3. “Deregulation, Consolidation and Efficiency: Evidence from U.S. Nuclear Power,” with Lucas Davis, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2012, Vol. 4 (October): 194-225.
  4. “Enforcement of Vintage Differentiated Regulations: The Case of New Source Review,” with James Bushnell, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2012, Vol. 64 (September): 137-152.
  5.  “Dynamic Pricing of Electricity,” with Paul Joskow, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2012, Vol. 102 (May): 381-385
  6. “How Will Energy Demand Develop in the Developing World?” with Orie Shelef and Paul Gertler, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2012, Vol. 26 (Winter): 119-138
  7. “Sacred Cars? Cost-Effective Regulation of Stationary and Non-stationary Pollution Sources,” with Meredith Fowlie and Christopher Knittel, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2012, Vol. 4 (February): 98-126.
  8. Local Solutions to Global Problems: Climate Change Policies and Regulatory Jurisdiction,” with James Bushnell and Carla Peterman, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2008, Vol. 2 (Summer): 175-193.
  9. Do Markets Reduce Costs? Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Restructuring on U.S. Electric Generation Efficiency,” with Kira Fabrizio and Nancy Rose, American Economic Review, 2007, Vol. 97 (September): 1250-1277.
  10. Inefficiencies and Market Power in Financial Arbitrage: A Study of California?s Electricity Markets,” with Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell, and Christopher Knittel, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2008, Vol.56 (June): 347-378.


  • Microeconomics
  • Energy & Environmental Markets

Honors and Awards

  • Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, Evening MBA Program, 2008
  • Barbara and Gerson Bakar Faculty Fellow
  • Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, Evening & Weekend MBA Program, 2006
  • Americal Statistical Association/Energy Information Administration Research Fellow, 2004
  • National Science Foundation Award for Beginning Academics, 1999
  • American Compensation Association Emerging Scholar Program, 1997
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1995

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