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Ming Hsu

Associate Professor
Haas Marketing Group
(510) 642-1686
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Academic Status: On duty
Office Hours: By appointment, F693
Personal Homepage: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/mhsu
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PhD, Economics, California Institute of Technology
BA, Summa cum Laude, Political Science, University of Arizona



Positions Held

At Haas since 2009
2016 – present, Associate Professor
2009 – 2016, Assistant Professor, Haas School of Business
2008 – 2009, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2006 – 2008, Beckman Fellow, Beckman Institute

Current Research and Interests

  • Consumer Neuroscience
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Neuromarketing

Selected Papers and Publications

  • Hsu, Ming and Carolyn Yoon. “The Neuroscience of Consumer Choice.” Current Opinions in Behavioral Sciences, 5: 116–121, 2015.
  • Chen, Yu-Ping, Leif Nelson, and Ming Hsu. “From “Where” to “What”: Distributed Representations of Brand Associations in the Human Brain.” Journal of Marketing Research, 52: 453-466, 2015.
  • Zhu, Lusha, Adrianna Jenkins, Eric Set, Donatella Scabini, Robert Knight, Pearl H. Chiu, Brooks King- Casas, and Ming Hsu. “Damage To Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Affects Tradeoffs Between Honesty And Self-Interest.” Nature Neuroscience, 17: 1319-1321, 2014.
  • Set, Eric, Ignacio Saez, Lusha Zhu, Daniel Houser, Noah Myung, Songfa Zhong, Richard Ebstein, Soohong Chew, and Ming Hsu. “Dissociable Contribution Of Prefrontal And Striatal Dopaminergic Genes To Learning In Economic Games.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111: 9615-9620, 2014.
  • Smidts, Ale, Ming Hsu, Alan Sanfey, Maarten Boksem, Richard Ebstein, Scott Huettel, Joe Kable, Uma Karmarkar, Shinobu Kitayama, Brian Knutson, Israel Liberzon, Terry Lohrenz, Mirre Stallen, and Carolyn Yoon. “Advancing Consumer Neuroscience.” Marketing Letters, 25: 257-267, 2014.
  • Zhu, Lusha, Kyle Mathewson, and Ming Hsu. “Dissociable neural representations of reinforcement and belief prediction errors underlie strategic learning.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109: 1419–1424, 2012.
  • Amaldoss, Wilfred, Alexander Brown, Yan Chen, Tony Cui, Alberto Galasso, Teck-Hua Ho, Tanjim Hossain, Ming Hsu, Noah Lim, Mo Xiao, and Botao Yan (order alphabetical). “Behavioral models of managerial decision-making.” Marketing Letters, 23: 405-421, 2012.
  • Sokol-Hessner, Peter, Ming Hsu, Nina Curley, Mauricio Delgado, Colin Camerer, and Elizabeth Phelps. “Thinking like a trader selectively reduces individuals’ loss aversion.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106: 5035-5040, 2009.
  • Hsu, Ming, Cédric Anen, and Steven Quartz. “The Right and the Good: Distributive Justice and Neural Encoding ofEquity and Efficiency.” Science. 320: 1092-1095, 2008.
  • Hsu, Ming, Meghana Bhatt, Ralph Adolphs, Daniel Tranel, and Colin Camerer. “Neural Systems Responding to Degrees of Uncertainty In Human Decision Making.” Science, 310: 1624-1625, 2005.


  • MBA 261: Marketing Research
  • UGBA 161: Marketing Research
  • UGBA 106: Marketing

Honors and Awards

  • Co-PI: NSF Conference Grant for “CRCNS Principal Investigators Meeting”, 2018
  • Co-PI: NIMH R21 Grant for “Cortical Oscillatory Dynamics and Human Decision-Making”, 2017
  • PI: NIDA R01 Grant for “CRCNS: Neurocomputational substrates of monetary exchange”, 2016
  • Sackler Sabbatical Exchange Scholar, 2016
  • Society for Neuroeconomics Early Career Award, 2015
  • PI: NIMH R01 Grant for “Neurobiological Substrates of Social Behavior: A Neuroeconomic Framework”, 2013
  • Hellman Faculty Fund Award, 2012
  • Kavli Fellow, 2008
  • Beckman Fellowship, 2006

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