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Benjamin E. Hermalin

Thomas & Alison Schneider Distinguished Professorship in Finance
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Academic Status: On duty
Office Hours: By appointment
Personal Homepage: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/hermalin/
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AB, Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University
PhD, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Positions Held

At Haas since 1988

2016 – present, Vice Provost of Faculty, UC Berkeley
2015 – present, Chair of the Academic Senate, UC Berkeley
2006 – present, Thomas & Alison Schneider Distinguished Professorship in Finance
2005 – 2008, Chair, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley
1998 – present, Professor, Haas School of Business
1998 – present, Professor, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley
2002, Interim Dean, Haas School of Business
1999 – 2006, Willis H. Booth Professor of Banking and Finance
1999 – 2002, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Haas School of Business
1998 – 1999, Professor of Economics, Johnson Graduate School of Management
1996 – 1998, Harold Furst Associate Professor of Management Philosophy & Values, Haas School of Business
1994 – 1996, Associate Professor, Haas School of Business
1988 – 1994, Assistant Professor, Haas School of Business

Current Research and Interests

  • Corporate governance
  • Executive compensation
  • Economics of leadership and organization
  • Contract theory
  • Competitive strategy and industrial organization


Selected Papers and Publications

  • “Your Network or Mine? The Economics of Routing Rules,” with Michael Katz. RAND Journal of Economics 37 (2006): 692–719.
  • “Leadership and Information,” with Mana Komai and Mark Stegeman. American Economic Review 97 (2007): 944–947.
  • “Moral Hazard and Verifiability: The Effects of Renegotiation in Agency,” with Michael Katz. Econometrica 59 (1991): 1735-1753.
  • “Endogenously Chosen Boards of Directors and Their Monitoring of the CEO,” with Michael S. Weisbach. American Economic Review 88 (1998): 96-118.
  • “Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example.” American Economic Review 88 (1998): 1188-1206.
  • “Firm Performance and Executive Compensation in the Savings and Loan Industry,” with Nancy E. Wallace. Journal of Financial Economics 61 (2001): 139-170.
  • “Sender or Receiver: Who Should Pay to Exchange an Electronic Message?” with Michael Katz. RAND Journal of Economics, Autumn, 2004.
  • “Trends in Corporate Governance.” Journal of Finance 60, no. 5 (2005): 2351-2384.


  • Principles of Business, UGBA 10
  • Economics 206

Honors and Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1984
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship, 1984-87
  • NSF Grants, 1991-93 & 1997-2000
  • Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1991
  • John M. Olin Faculty Research Fellowship, Yale Law School, 1992-93
  • Schwabacher Award, 1993

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