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Rui de Figueiredo

Associate Professor Emeritus
Barbara & Gerson Bakar Faculty Fellow
Haas Business and Public Policy Group
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Academic Status: Emeritus
Office Hours: By appointment, F588
Personal Homepage: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/rui/
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PhD, Political Science, Stanford University
MA, Political Science, Stanford University
MA, Economics, Stanford University
BA, History, Harvard University

Positions Held

At Haas since 1997
2003 – present, Associate Professor, Haas School of Business
1997 – 2003, Assistant Professor, Haas School of Business

External Service and Assignments

  • Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • Qualified Case Leader, The Boston Consulting Group, Melbourne, Australia
  • Reviewer for American Journal of Political Science; American Political Science Review; Business and Politics; California Management Review; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Journal of Law and Economics; Journal of Law, Economics and Organization; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Public Economics; Journal of Theoretical Politics

Current Research and Interests

  • Game theory
  • Methodology and econometrics
  • Non-market strategy
  • Institutions and organizations
  • Bureaucratic organization
  • American politics

Selected Papers and Publications

  • “Skill, Luck, and the Multiproduct Firm: Evidence From Hedge Funds,” with Evan Rawley. (Working Paper). PDF.
  • “The Effect of Parent Firm Location on the Performance of Entrepreneurial Spawns: Evidence from Hedge Funds,” with Phillipp Meyer and Evan Rawley. (Working paper). PDF.
  • “Does Private Money Buy Public Policy?” with Geoff Edwards.¬†Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 16, no. 3 (2007): 547-576.
  • “Hedge Funds and the Active Management Industry,” with Neil Brown, Vineet Budhraja, and Ryan Meredith. Journal of Alternative Investments, (2007).
  • “Rationality, Inaccurate Mental Models and Self-Confirming Equilibrium,” with Jack Rakove and Barry R. Weingast. Journal of Theoretical Politics 18, no. 4 (2006): 384-415.
  • “Are Patriots Bigots? An Inquiry Into the Vices of In-Group Pride.” With Zachary Elkins. American Journal of Political Science, 47:1 (January 2003), pp. 171-181.
  • “The Allocation of Resources by Interest Groups: Lobbying, Litigation, and Administrative Regulation,” with John M. de Figueiredo. Business and Politics 4, no. 2 (2002): 161-181.
  • “Managerial Decision-making in Non-Market Strategy: An Experiment,” with John M. de Figueiredo. Advances in Strategic Management¬†(2002).
  • “Electoral Competition, Political Uncertainty, and Policy Insulation.” American Political Science Review 96, no. 2 (2002): 321-333.
  • “Strategy, Structure and Regulation: Telecommunications in the New Economy,” with Pablo T. Spiller. Michigan State Law Review¬†(2000): 253-285.
  • “An Informational Perspective on Administrative Procedures,” with Pablo T. Spiller and Santiago Urbiztondo. Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (1999): 283-205.


  • Strategy, MBA 299B
  • Deals, MBA 277-2
  • Institutional Analysis Workshop, PHDBA 270

Honors and Awards

  • Schwabacher Junior Faculty Award
  • Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, PhD Program, 1999

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