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Clayton Critcher

Clayton R. Critcher

Assistant Professor
Haas Marketing Group
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Academic Status: On duty
Office Hours: By appointment
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AB, Psychology, Yale University
PhD, Psychology, Cornell University

Positions Held

At Haas since 2010
2010 - present, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Haas School of Business

External Service and Assignments

Association for Consumer Research
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Association for Psychological Science

Current Research and Interests

Judgment and decision making
Self and social insight
Consumer experience and preferences
Moral reasoning

Selected Papers and Publications

  • Critcher, C. R., & Dunning, D. (2013). Predicting persons’ versus a person’s goodness: Forecasts diverge for populations versus individuals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104, 28-44.
  • Critcher, C. R., Dunning, D, & Armor, D. A. (2010). When self-affirmations reduce defensiveness: Timing is key. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36, 947-959.
  • Critcher, C. R., & Ferguson, M. J. (in press). The cost of keeping it hidden: Decomposing concealment reveals what makes it depleting. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Critcher, C. R., & Gilovich, T. (2008). Incidental environmental anchors. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21, 241-251.
  • Critcher, C. R., & Rosenzweig, E. L. (in press). The performance heuristic: When past success is misguidedly projected into the future. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Risen, J. L., & Critcher, C. R. (2011). Visceral fit: While in a visceral state, associated states of the world seem more likely. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 100, 777-793. [Editors’ Choice. (2011). Science, 332, 398]


  • UGBA165: Advertising Strategy
  • MBA265: Advertising Strategy

Honors and Awards

Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award, April 2014
Science: Editors' Choice
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Yale University Angier Prize

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