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Earl Cheit

Earl F. Cheit

Edgar F. Kaiser Professor of Business and Public Policy Emeritus and Dean Emeritus
Haas Business and Public Policy Group
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Academic Status: Emeritus
Office Hours: By appointment F573


BSL, University of Minnesota
JD, University of Minnesota
PhD, Economics and Law, University of Minnesota

Positions Held

At Haas since 1957
1993 - 1994, Interim Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletic and Recreational Sports, UC Berkeley
1990 - 1991, Acting Dean, Haas School of Business
1981 - 1982, Acting Vice President, Financial and Business Management, UC Berkeley
1976 - 1982, Dean, Haas School of Business
1965 - 1969, Executive Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley

External Service and Assignments

  • Senior advisor, Asia-Pacific Economic Relations, The Asia Foundation
  • Associate director, Carnegie Council on Higher Education
  • Director, CNF Transportation and Simpson Manufacturing Co.
  • Chairman, Shaklee Corporation
  • Chairman, board of trustees, Cal Performances
  • Member, Board of Control at the University of California Press
  • Trustee, Mills College
  • Trustee emeritus, University of California, Berkeley Foundation
  • Program officer in charge, Higher Education & Research, The Ford Foundation

Current Research and Interests

  • Asia Pacific economic relations
  • Financing higher education
  • Trade policy

Selected Papers and Publications

  • Economic and Social Security, co-author. New York: Ronald Press, Fifth Edition, 1982, 608 pp. First Edition, 1957.
  • A Glimpse at Some Flowers from the Bus: 17 Days in China Following Normalization, co-author. Menlo Park, CA: Lane Publishing Co., 1980.
  • Foundations and Higher Education: Grant Making From Golden Years Through Steady State, co-author. Berkeley, CA: Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education, 1979.
  • The Useful Arts and the Liberal Tradition. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1975.
  • More Than Survival: Prospects for Higher Education in a Period of Uncertainty, principal author. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1975.
  • The New Depression in Higher Education-Two Years Later. Berkeley, CA: The Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, 1973.


  • Lecturer, Andersen Executive Program (Berlin and Toronto)

Honors and Awards

  • Earl F. Cheit Hall, classroom wing of Haas School, named by the Regents of the University (Dedicated, May 1995)
  • Helmet Award, presented by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Berkeley, 1993
  • Chancellor's Award, presented by the Trustees of the UC Berkeley Foundation, 1992
  • Berkeley Medal, presented by the Chancellor, UC Berkeley Academic Senate, 1991
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, presented by UC Berkeley Academic Senate, 1989
  • Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, Undergraduate Program, 1987
  • Doctor of Humane Letters, Honorary Degree, St. Mary's College, 1975

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